Wednesday, February 23, 2011

This North Coast Weekend

The Dell’Arte Cabaret is Friday through Sunday (Feb. 25-27) at 8 pm in the Carlo Theatre. This evening of favorite scenes and new stuff includes a sneak preview of Mary Jane: A Musical, being developed for this summer’s Mad River Festival. The cabaret is especially notable for featuring a veteran Dell’Arte lineup not often seen together these days, including Joan Schirle (that's her in the photo--a piece she did at HSU for the Kennedy Center American College Theater Festival), Michael Fields, Tim Gray, Barbara Geary, Joe Krienke, Lauren Wilson and Ronlin and Donlin Foreman. There may be few opportunities like this again.

Mama Juggs: Three Generations Healing Negative Body Images, a one-person show by 'rie Shontel plays Thursday and Friday at 8 in the Studio Theatre at HSU.

Amadeus plays its final weekend at Ferndale Rep Friday and Saturday at 8, Sunday at 2. I review it in this week's Journal. Craig Benson's performance as Salieri is interesting--his Italian is excellent. He seems to play him as a jolly bureaucrat sort of mediocrity, without the darkness or the appreciation that Murray Abraham brought to the character in the movie--but then the movie offers so much more opportunity for those colors, and for drama, than the play. Kyle Ryan has perfected the Tom Hulce/Mozart giggle.

The Lawn continues at Redwood Curtain, My Fair Lady at North Coast Rep. Quite a few choices this weekend.

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Anonymous said...

A Review of a Reviewer

It makes me sad to see actors who go to work, school, and travel on a shoe- string budget trying hard to contribute to high quality productions only to be upstaged by a mediocre review. Mr. Kowinski's review of Ferndale Rep's "Amedeus" was mainly devoted to a detailed account of Kowinski's discomforture and annoyance at having to drive to Ferndale to review a show. It makes one wonder why others can drive to Ashland to review plays with out a feeling of martyerdom.

Then Mr Kowinski felt the need to tell us that he had seen the show years earlier in London and therefore there were no longer any surprises. The on-going ontological debate (Salieri vs Mozart) has ended by local proclamation. Has the rest of the world been informed? Should the MLA Abstracts be revised?

Kowinski should devote more time to writing plays. I've been in one of his and his his skill is in writing more than reviewing.

Janet R. Waddell