Saturday, November 15, 2014

Retrospective Interim Report

As my ongoing retrospective of my writings and perspectives on North Coast theatre rolls along, I've changed my tactics a bit.  I've gone back through this site, curating it, adding reviews in their proper timeframe that weren't posted before, adding some photos, adding labels to make them more searchable and so on.  So in this retrospective space, I'll more often be linking to past pieces rather than bundling them here.

I've discovered that at least digitally some past reviews are gone forever.  At least a couple of years have vanished from the Journal site,  and the Journal now makes it very difficult if not impossible to find Stage Matters reviews without already having the link.  But for a few years even the links go nowhere.  I have my drafts of most published pieces but some must have disappeared on a laptop that was so thoroughly fried that I couldn't retrieve any files.  (Too bad too because it contained my correspondence with Leonard Nimoy.)  I have some hard copies, not well organized though.

I do have a plan for the rest of this retrospective look, focusing on individual theatres and individual people.  Eventually I will post old pieces that don't appear anywhere else, so this site will be (for one thing) a record of North Coast theatre for much of the past decade, though not a complete one.  Since I often expanded on the background of plays, this aspect of the site will continue to be an Internet resource that's useful well beyond the North Coast of California.

At the same time, I'll be experimenting with expanding this site's content beyond local stages, beyond stage matters, to other matters.  So there will be those kinds of posts coming up.

 The next retrospective post will be the final one dealing with local community theatres, North Coast Rep and Ferndale Rep, and their non-musical productions.

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